What we do
Safe Space.
Creating safer festivals through peer-based support and care.
We provide assistance on each festival goer's own terms to reduce substance-related harms and discomfort. We strive to meet everyone who comes to us with openness and curiosity, and without judgment.

Safe Space draws inspiration from the Zendo Project, and we base our work on their principles and methodology. Visit the website.
Safe Spaces
Fundamental to our work is the idea of the "safe space." This is a secluded and calm area within the festival grounds where individuals experiencing a negative reaction after consuming a substance can come for peace and, if necessary, assistance. The location and setup are coordinated with event organizers, and we bring our own equipment.
In many cases, having a safe and calm person by your side can be enough to avoid or mitigate an unpleasant drug experience. We will provide support for someone in this situation by being there and reassuring them that everything will be okay, as well as by providing an environment where they can feel comfortable and calm down.
The drug-checking service.
All drug users should know what they are taking
In February 2022, we established Norway's first drug-checking service, where users of illicit drugs can find out what a substance contains to prevent harm. During the analysis, we also provide information about proper dosage, drug interactions, how to avoid an unpleasant experience in general, and the health risks associated with the various substances. We believe knowledge like this can save lives.
The service is already at risk of having to close down
Drug-checking services are government-funded or supported in Spain, Austria, and the Netherlands. However, in Norway, we must fund the service ourselves because the Norwegian Directorate of Health does not recognize its potential for harm reduction.

Data from countries with long-established drug-checking services shows that these services can improve the illicit drug market. Over time, users learn which sellers offer impure or dangerous substances, which leads to increased quality standards in the market. It is important for us to continue providing drug-checking services to achieve these benefits and reach more people unaware of this offer.
How does the analysis work?
Our spectrometer can identify most known powdered drugs. Not all analysis results are equally certain, but the device indicates the degree of uncertainty. Substances not present in our reference library appear as unknown substances during analysis. However, the spectrometer can suggest similar substances, allowing us to estimate the type in some cases. We continually update our library and receive notifications from the EU's drug monitoring agency about new circulating substances. We also record unknown substances and can request help with identifying them if they appear multiple times.
Drug Information.
Knowledge can save lives.
Our website rusopplysningen.no aims to provide sober and useful information without moralizing. By informing about the effects, risks, and precautions associated with the use of various substances, we hope to prevent harm.

Check out the English version of the website here.
Our Clinic for People with Serious Drug Problems.
Eikaklinikken is a healthcare service for individuals struggling with substance and medication dependence. We work to enhance patients' health and quality of life and contribute to ensuring they receive the right assistance at the right time and in the right place.
About the clinic
In 2019, dr. Sverre Eika took the initiative to establish a street clinic for substance-dependent individuals in Oslo. Sverre passed away suddenly in the fall of 2021, and many recognized the need to continue his work. With assistance from Safer Drug Policy and several dedicated individuals, The Eika Clinic was launched by the end of 2021.
Nordic Reform Conference
In a unified forum, NRC connects frontline health workers, researchers, policymakers, activists, and people with lived drug use experience to inspire the free exchange of innovative ideas and facilitate transformative discussions. In 2023, it took place in Oslo on the 29th and 30th of September.

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Safer Youth
Our youth organization - Safer Youth - share our vision of a non-punitive, evidence based approach to drugs, but focus even more on question regarding youth and prevention. They were established two years after us, in 2018, and now they have local chapters in Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim, Fredrikstad and Sandefjord, and a student chapter at the University of Oslo.
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